April 14, 2018

The Easter holidays have been incredibly busy for us at Cymru Cabs, Aberystwyth is one of those towns that attract holiday makers from far and wide mostly because the town is meant to be full of sun and heat... sadly not this year, i think we had a total of 4 nice days over the last two weeks. but today (14/04/2018) was the best day for trade in Aberystwyth for all small businesses in Aberystwyth because it was pretty hot and sunny.

The return of the Aberystwyth students could not come quicker as they make up roughly half of the population of Aberystwyth and it's a pretty quiet night out without them. I'm not looking forward to scraping the bottom of my car on the mountain speed bumps located on PJM campus though, those things need a pickax taking to them.  

This week we also introduced a new vehicle to the Cymru Cabs fleet, a BMW 3 Series.. Mr Dan is pretty chuffed with it and i doubt we will not hear the last of it for at least another 2 weeks. 

This marks the start of our upgrade...

August 19, 2017

Aberystwyth's big tribute festival is the biggest festival in the town hands down. 

Once a year hundreds if not thousands of music fans come from far and wide to see some of the best tribute acts. 

A massive amount of time and effort is put into organising this every single year

  • Transport such as taxi's and coaches

  • Food & drink 

  • Stage Equiptment 

  • Advertisment and site security 

"The Big Tribute festival is Wales’ only festival weekender made up exclusively of tribute acts, bringing you a fantasy main stage line up from the likes of Michael Jackson, Elvis, Foo Fighters, Robbie Williams, Green Day and many, many more, for a fraction of the cost (including free camping, parking and much more besides!)" 

Cymru Cabs will be out in force to insure everyone is able to travel safely to and from the festival.

Book your taxi now to insure you don't miss out 

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